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Posting Date:01/02/2015
 Details   Shipper Name   DUNS Number   Affiliate of Shipper   Rate Sched   Contract No   Effective Date   Expiration Date   Evergreen Days   Negotiated Rate   MDQ MMBtu   MSQ MMBtu   Contract Footnote   Agent Name/Asset Mgr   Affiliate of Agent   Agent Footnote 
Details CHEYENNE PLAINS GAS PIPELINE CO LLC143363542YCS-1 3950000002/01/200501/31/2030 N119,500     
Details ATMOS ENERGY CORP.108203241NNNT-13104400010/01/200103/31/2016 N13,816  CONCORD ENERGY LLC; ATMOS ENERGY SERVICES, LLCN; N                 
Details BLACK HILLS UTILITY HOLDINGS, INC.809024784NNNT-13104900010/01/200104/30/2017 N18,258     
Details CHEYENNE LIGHT FUEL & POWER CO006915144NNNT-13103700005/01/200104/30/2016 N18,055  BLACK HILLS UTILITY HOLDINGS, INC.N                    
Details COLORADO SPRINGS UTILITIES127711760NNNT-13105100010/01/200104/30/2017 N73,528     
Details MIDWEST ENERGY, INC.042379594NNNT-13104700010/01/200110/31/2016 N887     
Details PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF COLORADO006915953NNNT-13105000010/01/200103/31/2016 N677,921     
Details RATON GAS TRANSMISSION CO965769383NNNT-13104800010/01/200104/30/2016 N6,694  UNITED ENERGY TRADING LLCN                    
Details SOURCEGAS DISTRIBUTION LLC796654684NNNT-13104600705/01/200803/31/2018 N62     
Details SOURCEGAS DISTRIBUTION LLC/COLORADO987987985NNNT-13105300007/01/200803/31/2016 N21     
Details SOURCEGAS DISTRIBUTION LLC/SOUTH CO987987986NNNT-13104300105/01/200803/31/2016 N7,161     
Details SOURCEGAS DISTRIBUTION LLC/WYHIGHLN987987984NNNT-13105200605/01/200803/31/2018 N94     
Details COLORADO NATURAL GAS INC031675325NNNT-23103800010/01/200104/30/2016 N3,093  KTM, INCN                    
Details FORT MORGAN CITY OF175503770NNNT-23103900010/01/200104/30/2017 N5,208  NATIONAL PUBLIC GAS AGENCYN                    
Details KEYES TOWN OF054588793NNNT-23104000010/01/200104/30/2017 N303  NATIONAL PUBLIC GAS AGENCYN                    
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ym1 The injection quantity represents the transportation rights to storage and are part of the total MDQ.