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Operationally Available Capacity
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Cap Type Desc: Operationally Available Unscheduled Capacity
Meas Basis Desc: Thousand Cubic Feet
Avail Cap End Time: 9:00 AM
Press Base: 14.73
Press Base Desc: Pounds Per Square Inch Absolute
Meter capacities are subject to change as pressures, temperatures, and contractual commitments vary; 
thus, posted  meter capacity values may be adjusted accordingly
 Post Date/Time   Effective Gas Day   Effective Time   Ending Effective Gas Day   Cycle   Run   Loc Prop   Location Name   Location   Loc Zn*   Loc Purp Desc   Loc/QTI Desc   Flow Indicator   Design Capacity (Mcf)   Operating Capacity (Dth)   Total Scheduled Quantity(Dth)   Operationally Available Capacity(Dth)   IT Indicator (see Note 1 below) 
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALABMAirport/Black Butte/Marianne155864   101ReceiptReceipt PointR40004399103533642
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALAHDArrowhead224989   910Bi-DirectionalBi-Directional PointR92600343748400259742
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALALPAlkali Pond221158   101DeliveryDelivery PointD387004066415477251872
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALANAAnabuttes703497   202ReceiptReceipt PointR183700168301682391000622
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALARMArminto221153   655ReceiptReceipt PointR48100558240558242
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALASHAristocrat High487895   352DeliveryDelivery PointD18190017698201769822
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALASTAristocrat Delivery487079   111DeliveryDelivery PointD13480013109801310982
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBANBanner Lake Delivery742872   H10DeliveryDelivery PointD13860016395001639502
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBCKBridger Creek162802   645ReceiptReceipt PointR29500300000300002
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBCLBeaver Creek Lateral382715   114DeliveryDelivery PointD34190037395903739592
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBCSBijou Creek Receipt743148   H20Storage AreaStorage Quantity  4714503261338821011152
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBEABeaver16435    118Bi-DirectionalBi-Directional PointD227400147330110086372442
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBECBeaver East Constraint840523   118Main LineMain LineW22000022858224703882
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBENBent Wagon Trail25338    117ReceiptReceipt PointR154001556960155092
2/28/2015 8:21:09 PM02/28/20159:00 PM03/01/2015Intraday 2FINALBERBox Elder Residue124151   115ReceiptReceipt PointR87600917280917282
290 row(s) retrieved                 
Comments and Notes
Segments not appearing in this table are rarely, if ever, at capacity. Storage facilities are fully subscribed with NNT and firm service.
Shippers are reminded that "unused capacity" on this report is based on 24 hours of flow. However, because only 16 hours of flow are available
for the intraday 1 cycle, only two-thirds of the unused capacity shown is available in the Intraday 1 Cycle. Likewise, only one half of
the unused capacity shown is available in the Intraday 2 Cycle.

Note that while a measurement facility may have "Available Capacity" from a metering standpoint, it does not imply that pipeline capacity
on either side of that measurement facility is available. Contact your CIG Marketing representative if you have a specific request.

Operating Capacities are design capacities adjusted for current operational conditions.  Posted Operating Capacities are subject to change
as pressures, temperatures, and contractual commitments vary and may be adjusted accordingly.

Note 1: The IT Indicator flag is populated pursuant to NAESB WGQ Standard 5.4.13 with a "1" or "2" format where "1" indicates interruptible
forward-haul transport is being scheduled or "2" indicates IT is not being scheduled. Prior to the 4/1/2009 Intraday 1 Cycle, the IT
Indicator Flag was populated with a "1" flag only if the "Est. Available Capacity" was zero.  

Note 2: The volumes published for location TCS reflect the relationship between the most recent Firm Storage (FS and NNT) inventories and
the corresponding Maximum Inventory Limit.

Note 3:   Operating Capacity at off-system locations, designated by a Gxx (WIC-REX Capacity), Jxx (WIC capacity), Lxx (WIC-White River Hub
capacity), or Sxx (WIC Overthrust capacity) segment, is limited to CIG’s contracted off-system capacity on WIC. Est. Available Capacity at
off-system locations is limited to CIG’s contracted off-system capacity on WIC as well as capacity usage by other WIC shippers.

Note 4:  Use of capacity at off-system locations, designated by a Gxx, Jxx, Lxx, or Sxx segment, may be subject to additional charges and/or
fees based on related expenses incurred by CIG for the use of such capacity.  See Section 4.3 of the General Terms and Conditions in the CIG
tariff for more information.

Note 5: All Effective Times are posted in Central Clock Time (CCT).

Note 6: The Operating and Design Capacity through the above Mainline Locations have been determined by hydraulic modeling of the integrated
compression and pipeline system using fully contracted flow bounded by minimum and maximum pressure obligations.  The Operating Capacity is
the result of modeling seasonally varying ambient air and ground temperature conditions, while the Design Capacity is the result of modeling
the most challenging ambient air and ground temperature conditions we can expect to see.  The Design Capacity is what we can flow on a
sustainable basis year round. Lastly, the capacity at receipt and delivery points and segment locations associated with off-system capacity
is available contractually rather than through a specific facility design determination. Therefore, no design capacities will be provided
for these locations.

Note 7: July 23, 2014 – Colorado Interstate Gas Company, L.L.C. (“CIG”) has identified a minor one-time computer system reporting issue
for information posted on July 2-3, 2012.  CIG notes that volumes reported for locations BCS and YCS  incorrectly displayed “0” for
Intraday 1 and Intraday 2 cycles on June 2, 2012 and Timely and Evening cycles on June 3, 2012.  The correct capacities for the dates and
cycles indicated above are as follows:

               Operating Capacity	         Total Scheduled Quantity         Operationally Available Capacity

     BCS		 3,135,160		        1,979,086			      1,156,074
     YCS		 3,135,160		        1,979,086			      1,156,074

                      This issue only occurred for these locations, dates and cycles.